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Therapeutic liquid for the respiratory system OREL

Therapeutic liquid for the respiratory system OREL

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What • 

Herbal therapeutic liquid for animals used to maintain the health and function of the upper respiratory tract. It can help localized infectious conditions, particularly in the ENT (eyes, ears, respiratory system).

It also helps stimulate and strengthen the functions of the immune system, lower fever, soothe sore throats, coughs, infections and inflammation of the respiratory tract.

Made from elderberry, echinacea, nettle, ashwagandha and licorice. 

The suggested format, depending on the weight of your animal: 

Animals from 0 to 20 pounds (9kg):120 ml
Animals weighing 20 pounds (9kg) and more: 240 ml

Who •

Any dog ​​or cat that needs to improve the performance of their respiratory system. 

This product can be very effective for dogs with flat noses, since they often have more breathing difficulties, such as snoring. It is also recommended for dogs with allergies, as it can help reduce their symptoms. 

Why • 

This therapeutic liquid helps to reduce inflammation of the respiratory tract. It can help to fight viral infections responsible for inflammation respiratory tract (feline rhino/rhinotracheitis, kennel cough, etc.)

It is also effective in reducing skin problems such as rashes, bumps, swelling, dermatoses of all kinds and allergies. 

Moreover, it can help support immune system functions

Comment •

Administer orally or mix with your pet's food. 

Animals weighing 10 lbs (4kg): 2.5 ml per day

Animals weighing 10 to 20 lbs (4 and 9 kg): 5 ml per day


Theanimals from 20 to 40 lbs (9 and 18kg):7.5 ml per day


Animals from 40 to 75 lbs (18 and 34kg): 10 ml per day

Theanimals over 75 lbs (34kg): 15 ml per day

With •

To maximize the effectiveness of this product, use it with TOXY detoxifying therapeutic liquid . It helps free the body of toxins and leaves room for the true absorption of the benefits of the product. 

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