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Clicker White

Clicker White

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What • 

The clicker is a very effective training tool for conditioning your dog to understand the right behaviors or actions to adopt. The sound of the clicker is clear and crisp, which tells the dog what behavior he will be rewarded for.

When you clicker train, you don't need to use vocal encouragement like "yeah!", "good job" or "good dog". For many dogs, these phrases excite him too much and prevent him from focusing. 

Who •

For all dogs who have difficulty concentrating. 

Why •

The use of the clicker allows for more precision and to increase the level of communication between the master and the dog. 

How •

Before you start clicker training, you need to make your dog understand that the sound of the clicker = reward.

To do this, stand in front of your dog, press the clicker without him doing anything, wait 2 seconds and give him a reward. Repeat several times until he is happy to hear the sound of the clicker. This means that he understood that he was going to receive a reward. 

Then start with an easy exercise like “sitting”. Ask your dog to sit and press the clicker as soon as he does. Reward. Repeat this simple little exercise several times before actually starting clicker training. 

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