The essentials when adopting a puppy

Les essentiels lorsqu'on adopte un chiot

What to buy to equip yourself properly when adopting a puppy? A perfect beautiful little baby dog. Or maybe an adorable rescue adult who needs to receive all the love and care in the world. 


Click on the link to obtain the file with our list of items to buy when you adopt a puppy or a dog: 


Here is the list of items to buy and the reasons why we recommend them to you.

If you already have them or consider that you don't need them, you can simply cross them off the list.   


A bed 
A bowl of food and a bowl of water 

poo bags 

Choose compostable bags! 


A cage 

It is controversial, but in my opinion essential in order to teach your dog to have confidence in him and to manage his emotions. The cage is a tool that also allows you not to exhaust yourself in the education of your dog. When the puppy is in his crate, he's not doing a bad job! You can therefore relax the surveillance which is very demanding in the beginning. 

A bag dispenser 

It's much more convenient than carrying your bags in your pockets. It saves you from forgetting! 

A medal 

A medal with the name of your dog and your telephone number, but also the medal of the animal license of your city. 

A necklace

In my opinion, you should choose according to the level of activity you plan to do with your dog. If you have a very active breed of dog that gets outside a lot, regardless of the weather, I recommend getting a waterproof collar. If you adopt a quieter dog, who likes to stay inside more often, you can get a fabric collar. 

A leash

I always recommend having a leash with 2 handles for learning to walk, but also your comfort. It allows you to have more options when walking. I then choose a fabric leash without attachment, to let her cling to my puppy in the house at all times during the first months in order to teach her good manners. This second leash is super important for potty training, not climbing on people or furniture, not chewing on shoes, etc. 

Here's how I use my leashes: 

I use my leash with 2 handles for running and hiking. I particularly like having a leash with an elastic, since it allows me to have less shock if my female dogs start pulling for any reason. I also like them to be in front of me during these activities so I attach them with the top handle to my belt, but when the activity stops I want to bring them back to the foot quickly. 

I use my waterproof leashes when hiking or walking in the forest. I can attach them to my waist or I let them loose without holding them. They wash easily so they can get dirty. When they are free, it is always in contexts where I know they will come back quickly if I call them, while allowing me to be able to grab the leash on the ground quickly if I want to intercept them. 

When we walk in town, I want them to be on foot. I tie them around my waist with the low handle or just hold them close to me. 

Some stuffed animals and toys 

You don't know yet what your dog will like as a toy, so try to get yourself some toys at least when he arrives to see what turns him on and what he likes. I always recommend having a stuffed animal or two, a ball, a tug-like toy, and some chew toys. 

Toys allow you to redirect your dog's attention when he does things he shouldn't. It also allows you to show him what he is allowed to play with and what he can eat as he pleases. 

A dental gel

To avoid bad breath and tartar, use dental gel at least 3 to 4 times a week.

A calming product

I recommend that all new dog families include a calming product in their dog's diet when he arrives in the house in the first few days. This makes the moment of transition much less stressful and anxiety-provoking for him in order to allow him to start on a good basis. A spread, a supplement for anxiety or calming bites. If you choose a spread, choose the Original hemp oil spread or the chill spread

A licking mat

The licking action is so beneficial and relaxing for dogs. It's also a great tool for training and/or getting to grips with grooming with your dog. If your calming product is a spread, you can simply serve it on the carpet. 

A shampoo

No matter your dog, you'll have to groom it at some point! 

Some chewable items

If you want to avoid destructive behavior, give your dog chews 2-3 times a week. A dog needs to chew, it is an instinctive and NORMAL behavior. To satisfy his need and offer him a good mental balance, chewing items are essential. 

A claw cutter

Once every 2 months, be sure to trim your dog's claws. The earlier you get him used to clipping his claws, the easier it will be as he gets older. Give him treats, reward him, make the activity positive! 


Depending on the breed of dog you adopt, the city and if it is a puppy or an adult dog. 

A harness

When you walk a dog over 35 pounds, the harness is mandatory in the city of Montreal. Check what the rules are according to your city. 

Personally, I recommend using a harness for walks. It allows you to have better control over your dog and allows him to learn to walk much more easily thanks to the attachment on the front. It's also more comfortable for your dog and reduces the risk of neck injuries if he tends to pull.

A lanyard 

The best tool to teach your dog recall. I explain how to use it in detail in the product description. It is even more practical with a harness because the dog does not get tangled in the lead when walking if it is attached to the top of the harness. 


Puppies tend to get diarrhea in the first year as they get out into the world, eat things they maybe shouldn't outside. This is how their stomach gets used to it and gets stronger. Probiotics help prevent or reduce damage. 

A brush

If you have a dog with long hair, brush your dog frequently to avoid always having hair everywhere in your home. Especially during moulting periods, try to brush it every day for 1-2 minutes. 

A dental toy

From about 4 months up to 6 months, puppies shed their baby teeth. You will notice that he will want to eat everything he sees and he will again become difficult to manage on a daily basis. It's time to offer him dental toys that you will have put in the freezer before. It will relieve his gums and reduce his destructive behavior. 

Kongs with frozen food, the decagon toy, a Superbite bone, these are all good options!  


With all his advice, I believe you are ready to welcome the newest member of your family. Enjoy every moment, it goes by so fast. 

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